Sunday, 26 June 2011

Code and custom binding

I was supposed to post some environment sketches but soemthing big happened during this week and I had to start working on my game. 

So I'm using a azerty keyboard when the rest fo the world use a qwerty one. So look into key binding in-game to remap the key. After looking for hours I finally found out how to do so; 

exec function GoQwerty()
local name key01, key02, key03, key04;
PlayerInput.SetBind(key01, "GBA_StrafeLeft");
PlayerInput.SetBind(key02, "GBA_MoveForward");
PlayerInput.SetBind(key03, "GBA_ToggleTranslocator");
PlayerInput.SetBind(key04, "GBA_ShowCommandMenu");
`log("Qwerty keyboard");

exec function GoAzerty()
local name key01, key02, key03, key04;
PlayerInput.SetBind(key01, "GBA_StrafeLeft");
PlayerInput.SetBind(key02, "GBA_MoveForward");
PlayerInput.SetBind(key03, "GBA_ToggleTranslocator");
PlayerInput.SetBind(key04, "GBA_ShowCommandMenu");
`log("Azerty keyboard");
that's a easy way to do then you just nneed to press tab in game and type one of the command GoQwerty or GoAzerty.

I put that code in my playerController.

t's quite easy to understand and that's the basic to key bind with unrealscript.
Careful when ever you change those key bind it's save in the config file.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

value sketch

Agian some value sketch.

Try to get some job done but I quite busy at the moment. I started some env painting I'll update them tomorrow. Nothing crazy just some of my experiements.

Friday, 17 June 2011


I getting more and more comfortable with my tablet and I just finish a new value painting.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

little sketch

I did acquire a trust 7300 a few months ago and since then I always regret it. My bamboo pen was way better in term of support and ease of use. I had proble with my dual screen. I had problem with windows tablet support. I had problem with the stylus too and I just felt like giving up. After I got a new stylus change my dual screen configuration and look for new drivers. But I manage to make it work. I was on my way to by a motion computing le1600 or le1700 but the fact I did not know if the screen could be use it as a screen on my desktop pc so I look into other option like diy cintiq and such.

But I manage to make it work. It was painful and I would not recommend it to anybody. some intuos3 are available on ebay and maybe that's better than a faulty tool.

So this is a value study I did this morning.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Canvas, Scaleform ? Dochi da ?

So I'm working on new project (yeah a new one) and I was kind experimenting the Hud which is really important for that game or rather the feel of the game.

So canvas or scaleform. Scaleform sounded like a nightmare. Having to learn flash ... Ouh ... Right ? And Actionscript 2!!!

Where to find a simple video tutorial of action script 2 ?

Exactly, nowhere. So was just left alone with the silly adobe page learn as2. What a joke.

Canvas in another was a good surprise. Fast, really fast to pick up and well integrated with unreal sounded like the perfect pick so I was wondering with Scaleform is getting more attention ? I still don't know since I haven't finish exploring. I'm still learning canvas and I haven't built anything near a decent hud or menu but I just learn on the forum, scaleform 4 is coming to udk really soon. that's good news.

I mean why bother learning an outdated language. Anyway that's the good news.

Scaleform 4 also bring optimisation and such.

The thing I don't like about scaleform is how clumsy it is to get anything working. SWF files, kismet, actionscript, unrealscript. That's a bit too much if you want to work efficiently. I still want to try both to see what works the best.

But from what I can tell canvas may be a little bit complicated for a complicated menu. My new project doesn't really have a one so that's a good thing.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

outline without post process

I did a sort stencil outline without using buffer (you can't access it in udk) and it turn out ok I guess. It's object based and that's pretty cool.

Here the image. I just need to make it glow a little bit more but that goo for now.

Not dead massive update

I've been active those last six month but I couldn't get any time to update or post on my blog. Also I was so caught up in several project that I could not create anything personal.
so some pics of my latest models. Really low poly this time.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Hurling player

Thursday, 23 September 2010

busy busy busy !

I've been busy but I still manage to work on zbrush.

So this si one of my last work. It's not finish, just a rough version of a sportsman but I4m pretty happy with the initial result.

Basically my approach was to stay as low poly as I could. Even now the model still quite low poly ( 19k) of a zbrush model.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

asset update

So I've been busy working on zbrush-maya-udk workflow and this is the result of my experimentation.

The tree was made inside zbrush using zsphere and zsketch. A really good workflow and I might come up with the way I did it in few days.

those stairs were a little bit difficult to bake on a plane so I decided to use topogun.
Zbrush still has some flow for game artist like the fact you can't bake normal map from different models.

but still I'm really please by the result. I may keep working on little stuff for a while just to get a really good understanding on what  can or cannot do within zbrush.

Monday, 30 August 2010

divin' into zbrush

so this mesh is not impressive by itself but the technique I use is quite new to me. I use projection master to create the detail on the wall then I texture it, apply a mask using the texture intensity and inflate the mesh to get that look.

I did the texturing using spotlight.

this is all testing at moment but the main goal is to get more use in working in zbrush for some stuff that actually aren't real sculpting.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Playing with Zbrush again

I finally got my ai kind of working and I started working on some art, but first I need to sharpen my skills. I've been lazy and obviously I became a little bit rusted so I working on zbrush new tools and in the process trying out the different way to creat art for my game. So there is a rock with 256 poly. I create a rock and then using the zphere I created a low poly version of it then project on a cleaner mesh.

Tiled floor

I just try to create a tillable texture floor in zbrush and this is the result in maya viewport.