Monday, 21 December 2009

Some sketches

I've found some sketches I've made when the game only in early stage. I found it interesting to post them.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

So much progress but so much to do

So I'm going to talk too much about how I did it. It's more some experiment but, I'm using a lambertian toon shader with an outline. Since the game was supposed  to be realistic I still have some trouble figuring out what art direction, I4m going to take.

I just finish the shader and I'm pretty happy with it. The material editor is a real force for game development. I know a bit of hlsl but I wouldn't be able to recreate such a complex shader with it. So the cloth are made with a different shader that the skin. I use and environment map to create an highlight and some specular map and ambient occlusion map. It give me a really nice look on the cloth. I try to create a spec map accordingly to the fabric.

So this character so is going to be change. I'm starting a new design for him. Someing less realistic or at least a bit more manga. I'm not looking for something cartoony just someting like realistic manga from mamoru ooshi. or satoshi kon. I still don't know where this game is going so I may do a lot of tryout to found out what art direction is more fitted for my ambition.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Duo Progress

So I just finish the Zbrush version and I atempted to do a retopo version of the model but since I didn't change that much the overall shape of the body I use the target moph mesh I stored before I start sculpting. Even if you think of doing retopo having the basemesh store into the morph target is always useful.

so this is the reatime version of my character model.

This is my first attemps for hair but I'm not really happy with so I'm looking for some way to improve my styling