Saturday, 27 February 2010


So here some poly painting I try tonight. Just an hour of work. Maybe less. I was fooling around. But the main point is how to get realistic tone, using temperature zone technique. I really like the way it give a realistic skin. I still need to improve my skills. Combining it with ambient occlusion make a really great and clean texture.

I may come with more character in the couple of days.

Two post in a Row : little Update.

So I did this one a while ago. But I didn't finish it. I was trying some polypainting technique. From what I can say is the detail aren't obvious and it's less precise than image reference but the color and the tone aren't wash out from distance. In fact it feel more natural from some point of view. My model still need some refinement but I4m pretty satisfied with it. I've already finish the normal map but I wish to unwrap properly to work the spec and diffuse map on photoshop.

I started working on the story and it's taking shape. I've finish the design of the main enemies and I my post my sketches.

Forgot to say it's the normal map version. check the polycount on the last picture. 6k !!! Pretty nice ?

Simple pillar

So still with experiment for UDK. So I may have found the ambiance for my game Skullz. Sort of eastern European punk. It's quite vague but I've gather a lot of reference of Milan ( industrial town but with some history) and Turino ( the same) I visited a while ago.

So this is a simple pillar not really related to that but since unreal level design is about small asset put together I though I might to start with something. I probably won't use this asset but It's a nice pillar. The purpose was more about understanding how to get my asset from zbrush-Maya to UDK.  I used photoshop instead of polypainting.

I did pretty well tough I still need to work on the specular map.

Again, it's nothing mind blowing just testing out udk and my pipeline. I might post something using polypaint. I still need to know which one is the fast way to go.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

speed painting

I've just started to draw with my tablet and this is my first try using photoshop.

Procedural building with custom meshes

Just trying out some old building with the new tool in UDK. I still wondering if I should integrate it in my pipeline.

Monday, 22 February 2010


I have a level called the senate where you are in a middle of a huge parc surrounding the senat. I thought it would be a huge opportunity to use terrain and speedtree.

I'm far from being finsih and I won't probably do any major improvement in the next week but it was just a try. I manage to use geocontrol and udk so bear with me. It's by no mean a finish level or anything.

Procbuilding experiment

Just showing off some of my experiment using procBuilding volume.

After testing out for a whole day I came with some really good result still messy but  I get my way around it. I jst started modeling a sort a city using udk content. It's really difficult to come with womething interesting sing the same pattern again and again. But I start having an idea on what I'm going to need to create my city. A lot of mesh and building part but the Procbuilding will allow me to place it easily.

Level design

I've been working on level design or to be more precise unreal level design. Bsp modeling was and still a bit vague for. I want to make the best use of the tool available so I still trying to figure out what the best way to go. So as an exercise and also a good way to gain experiment I started working on tutorial.

So from those experience came this level

I follow 3dBuzz and Eat3d tutorial on level and I got some good insight on how to build a level using the puzzle method of the engine. 

I'm still thinking on how to integrate Zbrush onto the process.I which to sculpt and texture everything inside zbrush using poly-paint noise and zapplink. It sound feasible but I still looking for the fastest workflow as I'm planned to do a entire city planning ahead is the best I can do. 

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Little preview

Little preview on my incoming game, Skullz.

I started that project a long ago but I have to ditched it for several reasons.

this is a link of my first environnement.

The game changed a lot and now it's not a men but a women who's going to hunt down the enemy.

Anyway Krysalid is on hiatus for the moment, UDk is not really good for combat game or at least I4m not experienced enogh with it to come up with a good gameplay. In another hand I've been playing around with the unrealscript and I managed to set up a tps with the original skullz character.

Without any more delay the picture.

more dramatic lighting

that's it for the moment. I may start working on the game play and the enemy design.

update on my latest work

long time without updating. christmas, grilfirend, family boredom, so much reason for me to not work during a long period but I here to update my little blog.

Yhe point is I did work a bit on a side rpoject a hurling game demo with a small team and I decided to post what I did for them

Nothing too fancy but I kind progress on texturing (in terms of speed).