Saturday, 27 February 2010

Simple pillar

So still with experiment for UDK. So I may have found the ambiance for my game Skullz. Sort of eastern European punk. It's quite vague but I've gather a lot of reference of Milan ( industrial town but with some history) and Turino ( the same) I visited a while ago.

So this is a simple pillar not really related to that but since unreal level design is about small asset put together I though I might to start with something. I probably won't use this asset but It's a nice pillar. The purpose was more about understanding how to get my asset from zbrush-Maya to UDK.  I used photoshop instead of polypainting.

I did pretty well tough I still need to work on the specular map.

Again, it's nothing mind blowing just testing out udk and my pipeline. I might post something using polypaint. I still need to know which one is the fast way to go.

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