Monday, 30 August 2010

divin' into zbrush

so this mesh is not impressive by itself but the technique I use is quite new to me. I use projection master to create the detail on the wall then I texture it, apply a mask using the texture intensity and inflate the mesh to get that look.

I did the texturing using spotlight.

this is all testing at moment but the main goal is to get more use in working in zbrush for some stuff that actually aren't real sculpting.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Playing with Zbrush again

I finally got my ai kind of working and I started working on some art, but first I need to sharpen my skills. I've been lazy and obviously I became a little bit rusted so I working on zbrush new tools and in the process trying out the different way to creat art for my game. So there is a rock with 256 poly. I create a rock and then using the zphere I created a low poly version of it then project on a cleaner mesh.

Tiled floor

I just try to create a tillable texture floor in zbrush and this is the result in maya viewport.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kakurembo Update

Since I'm not participating in any contest I decided to take more time to create the game and add several mode.

So basically the game will have a solo and coop campaign. The game will have a storyline with main characters and some rpg aspect. But I'll talk about it when I start implementing more some of those mode. For the time being I might focus more on the hide and seek multiplayer mode. I decided to create 5 differents map with each one an identity. Maybe set different time of day or climatic conditions. I still need to finish a lot of stuff.

But basically I've planning a lot lately and I might update the overall design and such. So now since I have an AI working I'll start working on the main game mode and the highscore and such to get some game working and then from there start doing the game itself.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Not really happy about that

My game didn't get selected for the intel game demo contest. I really think the contest itself was bizarre since it's based on game ip and not on content.

But anyway I don't know if I'll continue Kakubo till the completion but I might continue to work on it for the time being.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

AI bot working

I just finished my AI layout code and I'm pretty happy with it. I did a lot of progress with the ai and the unrealscript in general. So basically my current bot is able to spot other bot in it surrounding while running, spotting item and cover volume. That ai is pretty smart so now I just need to make it interact with its surrounding during the game. But it already pickup item and stay idle at hidden.

the final Ai should be able to travel across game area, to spot the seeker if he's close enough, look for hide out and wait until he's gone to start moving around again, collect item and use them again foes or enemies.

I'm pretty confident about accomplishing that task which wasn't that important to that game because the final product will be aimed to work online or splitscreen. But still a really good practice for my futures games Krysalid and skullz this is a really good exercises.

Intel is finally announcing the finalists of his game demo contest. I hope I'll be in it because I didn't get into any this year so I would be glad to just get a shot at that contest because one of the prize is actually a trip to japan during the tokyo game show.

Friday, 13 August 2010

taking too much time solving code

So I've finished last week setting up the nav mesh in udk thank to dungeon defense source code available on udk forum but I still having trouble integrating a dynamic choice maker. For example while the character is doing the pathfinding check top surroundings to see if there any cover or item.

Still far from being finish but I got the new zbrush so I'm distracted. :)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dealing with navmesh

It's a hell. I manage to make it work but there still some bug on few maps I still don't get it all.

But the game is moving forward with more solid code.

I'm using the layout package to get as a placeholder pretty useful.

I started to work on shader pretty handy. I might work on sort of sky shader to make the light change during the game.

Maybe create some thunder or something.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

unreal script progress

I've been working my code those this last week and it hasn't been easy but I prefer coding than using kismet. Kismet sound like a great tool but not so much for complicated task as gameplay. 

So far I've been able to create a simple ai for the bot and the basic layout of the gameplay.

I start working on vertex painting and I'll post update in the following days. 

Looking forward zbrush 4 release on monday.