Sunday, 15 August 2010

AI bot working

I just finished my AI layout code and I'm pretty happy with it. I did a lot of progress with the ai and the unrealscript in general. So basically my current bot is able to spot other bot in it surrounding while running, spotting item and cover volume. That ai is pretty smart so now I just need to make it interact with its surrounding during the game. But it already pickup item and stay idle at hidden.

the final Ai should be able to travel across game area, to spot the seeker if he's close enough, look for hide out and wait until he's gone to start moving around again, collect item and use them again foes or enemies.

I'm pretty confident about accomplishing that task which wasn't that important to that game because the final product will be aimed to work online or splitscreen. But still a really good practice for my futures games Krysalid and skullz this is a really good exercises.

Intel is finally announcing the finalists of his game demo contest. I hope I'll be in it because I didn't get into any this year so I would be glad to just get a shot at that contest because one of the prize is actually a trip to japan during the tokyo game show.

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