Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Kakurembo Update

Since I'm not participating in any contest I decided to take more time to create the game and add several mode.

So basically the game will have a solo and coop campaign. The game will have a storyline with main characters and some rpg aspect. But I'll talk about it when I start implementing more some of those mode. For the time being I might focus more on the hide and seek multiplayer mode. I decided to create 5 differents map with each one an identity. Maybe set different time of day or climatic conditions. I still need to finish a lot of stuff.

But basically I've planning a lot lately and I might update the overall design and such. So now since I have an AI working I'll start working on the main game mode and the highscore and such to get some game working and then from there start doing the game itself.

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