Monday, 9 November 2009

progess and a little bit of deception

Even if I knew the UDK wasn't a terrain based editor I'm a bit disappointed with its terrain features. It's really buggy. One advice never edit the order of your texture layer or you'll find the end of it. The engine get really messy and even some layer you've erased while ago are painted instead of the one you just created.

But enough with whining, Epic games did a great job offering us the UDK.

So I'm posting some progress with the terrain editor.
I created my own textures and normal map. I use imagesynth which is a wonderful tool to tile your texture. So for the sake of my pseudo tutorial experiment, on creating realistic outdoor in UDK, I'll try to progress as fast I can.


it's barely nothing but just to show off my texture in game.

there is a lot of tutorial on how create a terrain so I was wondering some people wanted me to do a quick one.

I'm not really versed in tutorial on UDk atm bt I could give few trick to ease the process. I was also think of releasing few material in pack. I think except for cliff an rock ut3 material aren't really realistic, so maybe people need som good and tiled realistic textures.

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  1. you may need to upgrade your video card or memory if your finding issues like this.