Monday, 17 May 2010

Day 2 Unity

After just one day working with unity indie I have to admit that the application is really good. I really choose it because of the networking option and it fits quite well to my need but the ease of use is really awesome. I mean creating small game and prototyping really fast is a blessing. There is not such a thing using udk. Creating a menu is an hassle even with the incoming scaleform I still think unity will have the advantage over epic's product. The other engine I'm waiting for is the cryengine 3 sort of indie version. They are going to release the application and you'll be able to create game with it. I really love Sandbox cryengine for the powerful toolset and graphics. But UDK so much progress in the last month I don't really know which one will be suited to create Skullz. I'll wait and see meanwhile working on Kakurembo.

I'm really thinking the concept through and I believe people will enjoy playing it.

I still have a project in mind called Armance, which is a great scale game and of course the cryengine 3 will be my favorite choice for that one.

the indie market has really change the last four year, and I think it's a really good thing.

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