Monday, 17 May 2010

Working on a new project using Unity Kakurembo

I haven't done much lately. Why ? Too busy with film school, moving back to london and a lot of stuff who have been happening in my life. But then it was already mid may.

So I realize it was almost june and I was far from finish Skullz. I was working on the props and I didn't work that much on the character and the script so I just figured out I should start a small for the incoming competition I'm entering by the end of june.

So basically the game itself is called Kakurembo and it's a multiplayer hide and seek.

Unity has a great networking solution so I figure out that maybe I should just take advantage of it.

I don't have much picture at the moment but I'll start sketching in the next day. Right now I'm leaning unity and I have to admit even if the tool set is not comparable to what udk can offer the ease of use and the scripting are far easier. I start programming in c± so it's quite easy to just understand and also javascript is quite close to .net language.

Anyway I hope you'll like my new project

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