Friday, 10 June 2011

Canvas, Scaleform ? Dochi da ?

So I'm working on new project (yeah a new one) and I was kind experimenting the Hud which is really important for that game or rather the feel of the game.

So canvas or scaleform. Scaleform sounded like a nightmare. Having to learn flash ... Ouh ... Right ? And Actionscript 2!!!

Where to find a simple video tutorial of action script 2 ?

Exactly, nowhere. So was just left alone with the silly adobe page learn as2. What a joke.

Canvas in another was a good surprise. Fast, really fast to pick up and well integrated with unreal sounded like the perfect pick so I was wondering with Scaleform is getting more attention ? I still don't know since I haven't finish exploring. I'm still learning canvas and I haven't built anything near a decent hud or menu but I just learn on the forum, scaleform 4 is coming to udk really soon. that's good news.

I mean why bother learning an outdated language. Anyway that's the good news.

Scaleform 4 also bring optimisation and such.

The thing I don't like about scaleform is how clumsy it is to get anything working. SWF files, kismet, actionscript, unrealscript. That's a bit too much if you want to work efficiently. I still want to try both to see what works the best.

But from what I can tell canvas may be a little bit complicated for a complicated menu. My new project doesn't really have a one so that's a good thing.

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