Wednesday, 15 June 2011

little sketch

I did acquire a trust 7300 a few months ago and since then I always regret it. My bamboo pen was way better in term of support and ease of use. I had proble with my dual screen. I had problem with windows tablet support. I had problem with the stylus too and I just felt like giving up. After I got a new stylus change my dual screen configuration and look for new drivers. But I manage to make it work. I was on my way to by a motion computing le1600 or le1700 but the fact I did not know if the screen could be use it as a screen on my desktop pc so I look into other option like diy cintiq and such.

But I manage to make it work. It was painful and I would not recommend it to anybody. some intuos3 are available on ebay and maybe that's better than a faulty tool.

So this is a value study I did this morning.

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